Monday, September 1, 2014

More new apps!

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OK, that was a lame attempt at click bait, but these are apps I've installed since my last post about apps- including two apps whose arrival on Android I've so been looking forward to.

App swap
This app is interesting - yet another app for launching apps from the edge of my screen. I confess to having to shift those many hotspots around, since things were starting to overlap. It's my least favourite of these apps that do the same thing, but not to say it isn't a cool addition.

Afterlight ($0.99)
Ah, such beauty though! Such grace! This is such a delightful app; both in appearance, and function. Yes, it is yet another photo editing app that allows you to apply filters, but it's such a worthy addition. Make sure to check out the clarify function.

Over ($0.99 on sale)
Quite a nice app. Not too impressed, myself, with the artwork bit, but it's quite nice for adding text to photos (with some advantages over Phonto and the like). Quite easy to use, too. It hasn't been stable on my phone, crashing sometimes when I try to share an image to it. Also, sadly, a quite important function (for me)- adding my own fonts - you have to pay extra for; although it isn't much more, it niggled. You can always buy more fonts and artwork, if you like. Probably deserves its reputation.

Google's News and Weather App (aka "Genie" widget, apparently?)
So, this is a sideload,  through Android Police. I couldn't get it through Play Store. (Is that illegal?) It's very cool, but if you can't sideload, or are afraid to, please don't.

Everything Me
I tried before to install this very nice and very different launcher /homescreen replacement, but it just wouldn't install! And then two weeks ago, it finally did. It's such a refreshing change, and it's fast (which Aviate sometimes is not).

Smart Launcher
Another launcher /homescreen replacement. It reminds me of the launchers I used to install back when I first discovered one could do that. It's nice for a change.

Bleach icon pack
Very cool icon pack. I loved it until just now, when I was trying to find an app, and realised I couldn't differentiate enough between the icons.

Corel Painter Mobile
So, this is still very, very buggy, but I wasn't going to not install it! Has some very nice brushes, with the option to buy more.

This super cool little app allows you to put shortcuts to your favourite /most used apps in your notifications. Other apps do this, but I really like this one. With the bleach icon pack :)

The idea is that I will journal more. This is a pretty app to use for that, but the free version doesn't have too many export options. Which, of course, is fine, and makes sense. Devs must eat.

Did I tell you about my love for puzzle apps? This is another one to obsess over. And cry over, because it's pretty hard. But happy cry.

Don't Touch The Spikes
Can someone say a friendlier version of Flappy Bird!

I installed this just because. Still lacks lots of functions, but trying it out.


Camera Zoom FX
Only doing this one because certain reputable tech sites insist this is the best camera app for Android. I don't agree, but I'll try anything - app-wise.

By the way, must mention the Google Now Launcher. I was so underwhelmed - mainly because I was incredibly spoilt by KK Launcher. Google, if you're listening (and aren't you always?), buy KK Launcher!

Love letter to my hair

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Friday, August 22, 2014


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