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Saturday, July 26, 2014


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Sunday, July 20, 2014

#Drawing... So relaxing....

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Current app list (20/07/14)

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Hi there!

It's been a very long time since I did an app update, so I thought it was time I told you again what I have on my phone, and why I love/hate/don't care about these apps. Please note that I am still using Android 4.1.2, because I couldn't stand it if my phone crashed again (which it has done once, while updating). Also, if you really intend to read to the end, please get some provisions, and ask your neighbour to water your plants, etc. With that in mind, let's go:

I don't use this app much anymore- probably because I am so busy these days with work, and when I get home I'm exhausted. It used to be the game I played while waiting for time to pass, one way or the other.

A Beautiful Mess
I hesitate to say what I really think about the situation with this app, so will tread carefully. So, first: I love love love the associated blog, and have spent many hours checking out what they do and being inspired by them. This app is a paid app, and I was happy to pay for it, because I appreciate the blog, you understand. (The story of my bank card not working on Play Store, and the workarounds I had to go through to eventually buy the app are another blog post entirely). To say I was hugely disappointed is an understatement. I understand that this is a small business, and have heard all the stuff non-Android devs say to justify why they won't come to Android. I get that. But the app just seems like a port (I may be wrong), and really isn't a great pleasure to use, especially for a paid app. And then I saw on their blog that they had something to say about how they had not seen a ROI for this app, selling only 1/20th of what they had on Apple Store. Um. The reviews on Android were not great, and that may have had something to do with it. And speaking as someone who actually bought the app, the app is really a disappointing experience. So… What's sad (and very bad) is to dump the people who did spend their money, and justify not doing anything for their Android customers in the future because Apple is better. (Blah blah). I will end my rant there, because this post really isn't about that- but wanted to put that out there. In a word: disappointed.

A Better Camera
This camera is pretty meh for me. It has a lot of nice functions, but I don't find myself going to it very much. I haven't uninstalled it though, because I can use it.

Adobe Reader
I had uninstalled this because of the nagging for one to buy premium features (which I don't need), but had to reinstall it because it deals better with password-protected pdf documents than any other app. So, a bit of love/hate there.

I know this is a decent app, so although I haven't used it in ages, it stays.

Andmade Share
This is a cool way to share to more than one app at a time. I have tried one or two other apps that do the same thing, and have found this one to work best.

I use this app a little less these days, because there are other apps on my phone that do the same thing, but there's still room for a pretty UI.
avast! Mobile Security

I'm keeping this one for the filters, more than anything else, when I'm bored with other apps; but my sister found that it's useful for creating memes :)

Fresh install (well a month or so). This has become my default homescreen/launcher/whatever you call what it is. It's quite a nice app, although I haven't been blown away yet by what it's said to do best- present the apps you use according to the time of day. (That may well be due to the fact that I use a pretty low version of Android 4 still, I don't know. Could be I just need to get online and learn how to customise it more. Or learn how to use it, nje). Very nice app though. I've paired it with Voxel icons, and I love how it looks. I do miss having a background image though!

Barcode Scanner

BBC News

I honestly have very little use for BBM at the moment, but yeah, calls and IMs and stuff, right?

Discovered the other day in church that the interface makes it very readable for the older person sitting next to you, so that's super useful, don't you think?

This is probably what took the place of 7x7 as a time waster.

I still can't get this to work properly on my admittedly somewhat patchy connection. It usually stops working while publishing the post I have spent hours toiling away at, which is—frustrating.

I Buffer fifty times a day, give or take. Very useful. Bonus: Also don't have to think about shortening links when I share. Didn't even realise I needed to - that's how clever Buffer is.

Lovely calendar, with great functions. Particularly love the Heads Up function for meetings- even though I haven't had meetings that I needed to use it for since I installed it :)

Various Android cameras
Everyone knows I love to take pictures. I will try almost any camera once. Android cameras tend to work pretty well on my phone, so that's usually what I turn to. I have sideloaded cameras from different versions of Android.


Wait, you don't have this installed yet?? Seriously, this is a super useful app, great for creating pdf documents on the fly. It's never given me a single problem, and has saved my life many times. I don't even mind that the free version creates a bit of text at the bottom of the page.

I like the filters in this app, and it has some nice overlays too. Cons: feels very unfinished, and almost everything needs an Internet connection, which can be a pain.

Caynax Hourly Chime
There was a time when I needed to be told every half hour that half an hour had passed, and after trying a few different apps, this is the one I found most useful and easiest to use.

Can't say I'm enamoured of the way this app looks, or how it works; but it does retrieve recipes from websites, and that's a great feature.

I think this came preinstalled, but the reason I have listed it is that it's still the best browser for Android (for me, anyway). I avoid using it because it burns through my data, but when I need to load flash, this is what I use.

I installed this, and then discovered that I pretty much have to be online to use parts of it (because, you know, Google Now wants a connection); and it is also still pretty buggy! I turned on my flashlight using it, and couldn't get it to turn off! So am just chilling.

Doodle Jump
That app you open when you're waiting for the doctor.


Droid Timelapse
New install. I want to play around more with time lapses, so trying this out.

I have raved about Dropbox before :)

I keep this mainly for checking when a programme is coming on.

I installed this to help me manage a community Instagram account, and it's been useful for that. Ads are a bit intrusive though.

ES File Explorer
I open this about 86 times a day. Seriously, very good file explorer, backupper and general factotum.

Because I love pretty things.

Still my big bookmarker, note-taker, journal, etc.

Expense Manager
Have found this useful for recording day to day expenditure, and then I use the category summary monthly to input to my spreadsheet.

Just there.

Still great for catching up.

Flappy Bird
Haven't opened it in ages, because I can't deal with any more frustration in my life. He, he.

Floating Toucher
Very, very good app. What I use for launching my most used apps.

(Evernote) Food
Because I'm one of those people.


Fruit Ninja

Still haven't updated it, and like it as it is.

Again, have listed it because wanted to comment on how great it has become. I like the gestures, I like the way it makes emails easy, and I like that I don't have to think when I use it: everything comes easily.

Google Keyboard
This was the keyboard I was using regularly before I switched to SwiftKey. A con for me was that predictions were not always on point, but it's a decent keyboard. I think I was using the Android 4.3 or 4.4 iteration (sideload), but not sure.

Hacker's Keyboard
Still great for when I don't want to use gesture typing.

I like the interface, but I don't use this much.

For a while, was using this for SMS, but then I stopped when I was using Hello SMS, which I uninstalled for possible battery drain. So may start using it again. Or, will try Hello again.

HDR Camera

What can I say about IFTTT? How many odes, and love songs? Anyway, IFTTT is a super useful service, and I'm glad it finally came to Android.

I LOVE the new Instagram, with editing capability. I usually edit in Snapseed, but this makes it easier to take a photo in Instagram and tweak it. Very nice.

I am tending to bookmark (websites) in Keep, and also to do quick lists. I'm sure I'll regret the bookmarking when I have to sort through all those notes, but am really hoping they will introduce folders, and a way to pin a note to the top of the pile. That would help. My biggest gripe is that there's no way to add things to Keep in the background; I don't always want to exit whatever app I'm in to add to Keep. That sucks.

Kii Keyboard
This is a great keyboard (we really are spoilt for keyboards on Android!), but at the moment I try to use a keyboard for a few months before switching, and have had quite a few alternatives.

Kingsoft Office
I reinstalled this app because it really has a lot of great functions, and I probably underestimated it. Am yet to update to the latest version though; am using an old apk backup.

KK Launcher
A super launcher. When/if  I get tired of trying out Aviate, may very well go back to this.

Lapse It
Reinstalled the lite version. I have used it before to create stop motion vids. The lite version limits the resolution of the created vid, but I just want to try it out.

Launcher (Beta) aka Themer
I'm not sure why it's called what it's not in any app list I use. Anyway, it's really very nice, and has something for everyone, but I always find myself switching back to KK or trying out some other new one- which must mean something. Maybe it's the frequent updates (it's in beta though, so that's a given). I do like it.

Yesterday I got very annoyed with this app because it kept logging me out- until I realised it was a way to nag me to update it, as I didn't want to update it for ages. Well, it works fine. I definitely prefer the app to the website. From this you can tell I'm not crazy about LinkedIn.

I installed this because FOMO. It's been buggy, but the devs do dev actively (and respond to emails; yay!), and I do use it sometimes, mainly when I want to be reminded of something, or to snooze email (which is what the app is special for!). I will give it more attention, because I have tended to use it less because it's not as intuitive as the main Gmail app.

Also listed because it's a cool app. How nice to get to someplace you don't know, and find your way around. Or, even, find your way around a small town you've lived in most of your life, and thought you knew.

One of those doodle apps.

Mobile Sketch
Another of those doodle apps. I can create pngs with the above 2 apps for overlays in other apps.

Moon+ Reader
This app's been getting a lot of play lately, as I'm trying to get though most of the books I have on my phone and computer. I think I've read at least 12 books this year (so far), so I'm making progress.

MySword for Android
Good Bible app.

Navigation Layer
I like what this app does. It enables me to determine gestures to do things from the bottom of my screen; the two most useful are to swipe home, and to swipe to open the previous app.

Nice Weather
Very simple weather app.

Just checking this out. Will be more useful with reminders I think, and a homescreen widget. Cool, though.

This has become even more useful with the addition of reminders (and it's the main reason why I use Any.Do even less now). Great app. Also love that unlike Keep, Notable allows you to add things to it with an unobtrusive overlay, so you don't lose whatever you're doing.

Notes Light
I added this when I was looking for a simple text editor. It has many useful little functions, which I'm still to check out.

Opera Mini
The browser I use the most, even with its many bugs and sometimes annoying quirks. It saves me a lot of data.

Perfect little timer.

(Facebook) Pages Manager
Getting better, more useful for managing my FB pages. I do find having to switch between different FB apps for different things a little annoying. But, you know, Facebook.

Palmary Weather
The best weather app for my part of the world.

Great for adding text to images. Has features that other apps don't have.

Photo Editor
What sliced bread?.. If you install just one app for editing and fixing and anythinging your pictures: this is the one. I can't praise this app enough, truly.

Photo Grid
Dev keeps adding great new features. Latest is to create videos (slideshows, really) with your pics, which is really awesome. Also just super for creating grids.

Pic Collage
Haven't used this one in ages, but not because it isn't great. I did stop updating when they added the social network element (which I have no use for, but younger people- yes- they may find that fun); but the core of the app is very useful.

I still spend ages and ages and ages on Pinterest. Then I can't connect anymore, and I check, and find my data is gone. This happens more than infrequently.

Pixlr Express
Super app. I think I have written up about it previously. I use it mainly for overlaying images, and for creating grids/collages.

Still on my phone for playing with occasionally.

Play Music
I like this, but why doesn't it have themes though?

Play Newsstand
I'm not sure if I installed this, but tried using it once, then left it. I'm pretty sure it had a precursor- Currents, was it? Anyway.


Pudding Camera
Still on my phone, somewhat buggy, but keeping it.

Still reading beautifully presented feeds through this most useful of apps. Please note that I am using an old version; have seen complaints on Play Store about newer versions.

Nice find! I use this to (-nag-) push notes to my sister, but by far the most useful thing is to link it to other services through IFTTT. I currently get weather updates, Instagram updates when certain people post, backups from Instagram when I like pictures (for instance, pictures I'm tagged in), xkcd comics, notifications from websites that post about new android apps, and notifications about new posts through RSS feeds (from websites, and –imagine- Pinterest!). About the only thing it doesn't do is brush my teeth for me every night (-something I find onerous). Getting it working with IFTTT is somewhat limited by how useful you can make IFTTT (there's a learning curve there, for sure!), but once set up, it's amazing how much you can use it for.

Very useful office app. More likely to use this than any other office app.

My default gallery app. I like how it populates the share list with your most used share-to apps, and changes that as you change the apps you share to. Such a nice touch.

Remember The Milk
Still have a few lists going in RTM (mostly shopping), so it stays for now.

This has very cool features for editing pictures, even without the additional packs. I think it offers something more than a lot of other apps- more like a Photoshop kind of thing, and it also has a nice interface.

Not using this as much as I'd hoped.

For the few times when I want to brainstorm.

Sidebar Lite
My third go-to launcher. The lite version makes it very easy to remove an app from the bar by mistake- something you can lock in the premium version- so be warned.

Apps that do what they do well: silences my phone at specified times.

Perfect for simple write-ups. Um, simple notes.

Reinstalled this mainly to be able to do more drawing on my phone- which is never that much fun anyway, but a good app makes it better. I'm not much of a draw-er, but I want to do more.


Skype… :)

Absolutely the best app for image editing. See my post on it.

I sort of like this app, but appreciate that it has many limitations. It's kind of a lock screen replacement, but it's pretty patchy, and I think the devs added features before making the app a solid one. So, check it out; but I like it with reservations.

Status Agenda
It doesn't seem to update often enough, but it's nice to have calendar events in my notification shade.

A beautiful, beautiful calendar app. Been using it for a while, and that interface is just lovely. Confess that when I came across it, I didn't realise it was the official Sunrise beta, as I had been using Sunrise for email Google Cal and FB reminders for a while. So that was a nice surprise, when the beta became official.

Very nice. I am giving it a thorough try. Pros: gestures feel very natural. Prediction is probably better than most keyboards I've used. Cons (please note that I haven't updated it yet): it launches e-v-e-r so slowly! I hate waiting for even a microsecond for the keyboard to come onscreen. And what's with not being able to determine whether it adds spaces after a word or not?! And my biggest gripe: why, oh why, does it make it so hard to type "apostrophe s"?! That's the worst thing, honestly it is. I hate hate having to backspace, or type ss at the end of a word, or all the workarounds for that problem. I keep comparing it to Swype… :/

My second- most used go-to app launcher. Super useful. I also like that I can change the look and feel so easily.

(Google) Translate
Just unimaginable that I can talk to someone whose language is (like) Greek to me. Using my phone screen. How space age is that!

Once in a while, I Tumbl.

I've tended to use this app as a quick way to open Instagram (and other) images when I'm off-site.

This app has probably extended the lifetime of my eyes by more than a few years, since I usually read on my phone until I fall asleep. I can also confirm that it has saved me from being startled 150 %  awake by the brightness of my phone at 3 in the morning, when I check the time.

I usually use Twitter in Opera Mini, but that's just to save data.

Unit Converter

I make Viber calls once in a while, and they are clear and perfect. I just don't get a chance to do it that often.

Installed this to get nice icons for Aviate, and boy did it deliver! I feel very sophisticated. Well, my phone does. Same thing.

Still a bit shady bugs-wise, but a really nice app nonetheless.

You know, WhatsApp. Better people than me have written about it, and if you don't know about it, well.

Wonder Timer
I don't remember actually ever using this since I installed it. Oh well.


You actually read to the end? Thanks for hanging in there.  Have you checked out my other app list posts?

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