Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The fans are fun, too. #ZimVsSA 2nd ODI, Queens, Bulawayo.

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Coloured maputi

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God created graffiti

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The current hair things

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Hello! Want to talk about hair things today, what I'm using right now.

My biggest problems are dryness, scalp sensitivity, and hairline fragility (those edges!).  Lately, I also find myself longing for length, just for ease of management.  I've mostly been using castor oil and water*, having tried coconut oil and olive oil (both too drying). And after a long search, and trial, and error, I finally got products I can work with.

This is what I'm using right now :
  • Shea butter 
  • Coconut oil 
  • Castor oil 
  • Water- in a spray bottle, with a few drops of tea tree oil*
  • (not pictured) Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) 
  • (sometimes) Honey

Shea butter is like a unicorn: rumours everywhere, and even when you see the real thing, you wonder if you're hallucinating. Anyway, my friend and hairsaver Sanele sent some up for me from Johannesburg, after a Twitter friend referred us to her supplier (- these things can be complicated!). I only got a tiny bit though; it came in these little packets (like in the photo) of about 50g, and that cost R30. It was fine for this time, since I just wanted to get going. I whipped it up (not easy; it's thick, and wants to break the machine) with some coconut oil. I didn't measure, just went with what I thought would be nice on my hair.

Coconut oil is also really hard to find here - actually, almost impossible. What I've found is suspiciously oily, and liquid at room temperature - obviously either not the real thing, or mixed into something else. So I had to get that in South Africa too. 100 ml cost R22; you could probably get it for less.

So this is my new regime (last two or three weeks!). I washed my hair with a half and half mixture of ACV and water, with a tablespoonful of honey added. Learn from me, friends: ACV burns! I have a sensitive scalp, and should have gone with Zola's mix instead : 75 ml ACV to 1 L of water. Ah well, live and learn. After that, I applied coconut oil (after melting it in my hands), then the shea butter /Coconut oil mixture. I decided not to add anything else at that point, to see how long it took my hair to dry out. I pulled it loosely into a bun, and covered it with satin.

Well, it worked! Got a good result! My hair is not at all dry anymore. After two or three days, I spritzed it with water /tea tree oil, and have been doing that and applying coconut oil immediately after every third or fourth day (or when I remember!) I've even gained some length! This weekend my hair's in twists because I wasn't too lazy to do them.

So, I think (if it's not too premature), this is what I'm doing better now:
. Shea butter : I needed something extra to help keep the moisture in, and nothing was working before. That's why I had switched down to just water (with tea tree oil because sometimes my scalp itches) and castor oil to seal. Nothing else was working. Shea butter had made all the difference!
. Staying away from shampoo (any anything else that's fragranced, etc ) is definitely helping. I am generally sensitive to cosmetics that are scented, so I have to watch my scalp.
. Honey. Apart from the honey I added to my ACV rinse, I also did a pre-poo/deep condition using coconut oil and honey. I think honey is fine as long as you wash it out. I'm a bit hesitant to keep it in for now, because it's sticky (!) , and may be drying also.
. Satin. Whoever thought of this is really very clever. I have used a silk scarf since I started on the natural hair thing, but wearing a satin bonnet makes a bigger difference. I realised that I would also lie on the sofa in the evenings with nothing covering my hair, and that would dry my hair out even more. Now that I'm taking care of that, my hair's behaving better.

So, that's the hair thing. Thought I'd share because this has worked so well for me! ;) 

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